Helpful Links

More information on the Montessori approach and Maria Montessori:
Wonderful videos of other Montessori Communities at work:
  • Montessori Guide – a project supported by AMI to give glimpses and insight into the child and the classroom.
Both of these videos are from a The Montessori Place, located in Hove, United Kingdom. They are excellent examples of the way a classroom full of young people, each engaged in their own activities, can remain peaceful, safe, and full of learning.

Resources for activities and materials your home:

Parenting Resources:
Great blogs of Montessori families:
These links may be helpful to  families seeking ideas about preparing their home to foster independence and create fun activities at home. 
The three above address families that have children between the ages of 3 and 6 years old. The following link is specifically for children under the age of 3.