Admissions Policy

Acceptance of any applicant is based principally on the child’s readiness for the Montessori program as determined by guide-administrator interviews and the parents’ expectations of the school.  No child shall be denied admission on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, gender or handicap.

Admissions Procedure

1. Attend Information Session and School Tour

2. Email  to schedule a  classroom observation

3. Submit an application

4.  Upon acceptance, complete and return Enrollment Contract with nonrefundable tuition deposit.

Admission Priorities

The following priorities are observed in determining admissions:

1.  Currently enrolled students (re-enrollment must be received before the deadline)

2.  Children of employees

3.  Balance and age and gender in the classroom

4.  Transfer students from other Montessori schools

5.  Date of application

If classes are full, prospective students will be put in a waiting pool.  Returning students will be given priority over new students in the waiting pool.